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Coburn & Feeley is committed to maintaining each and every property in our management portfolio. We recognize the connection between regular maintenance and our clients' competitiveness in the leasing market.  Yet even more importantly, regular maintenance prevents surprises and disappointments in the event that our clients need or want to sell.
We call this our clients' "exit-strategy," an aspect of our overall management plan that considers contingencies such as selling.  This exit strategy has proven invaluable to a number of our past clients who faced unexpected life events or market forces that made selling their best option.
We also recognize that maintenance can be costly and can erode the profits that our clients expect and deserve.  Therefore, we have developed a multi-faceted approach to lower our clients' maintenance costs. 
This begins by encouraging tenants to report maintenance concerns quickly using our online maintenance request form.  Our property managers follow-up with routine inspections to address problems when they are still small.
Finally, we continually cultivate preferred vendor relationships with a variety of maintenance and construction professionals who deliver quality work at a reasonable cost.  In addition, we exercise due diligence by soliciting bids from multiple vendors for larger repair jobs to encourage competitive pricing.
Our network of preferred vendors means that we are flexible.  We can can help coordinate just about any kind of service that our clients need (such as lawn maintenance, snow removal, rubbish removal, electrical, plumbing, etc), and we reassure both tenants and clients alike by providing a 24 hour, on-call maintenance emergency service at all of our properties.


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