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"Wisdom is knowing what to do next, skill is knowing how to do it, and virtue is doing it.”

-- David Starr Jordan
Coburn & Feeley Property Management, Inc. has been in business since 1978.
We have managed hundreds of residential units, senior living communities, and many commercial properties throughout Vermont.  We have been involved in start-up and day-to-day management of housing developments in Chittenden County, both small and large.
Our current management portfolio includes hundreds of properties spread across Northwestern Vermont -- from student housing to senior living, from single family homes to condo associations, and from commercial properties to mixed-use developments.

We are the property management and rental expert in the greater Chittenden County area in northwestern Vermont.

As a property management company with our flagship office located in Burlington, VT, we are the agent of the owner.  This means that we work closely with the owner to make plans about maximizing rental income and return on investment while making day-to-day decisions about how to operate the property.  We start with a comprehensive budget and thorough knowledge of competitive properties, including their comparative features and rental rates. We then work together to devise a plan for any applicable renovations and improvements, and we provide accurate and timely estimates to our clients about ongoing expenses for repairs, maintenance, and administration.

We also regularly benchmark rental prices so they are balanced in relation to competition and current market conditions.  Our goal is to achieve a profitable bottom line for each owner at each of their properties.

We have extensive property management experience in:

  •  Marketing and lease-up services
  •  Expertise in all local, state, and federal regulatory compliance
  •  Senior housing priorities and requirements
  •  Homeowner Association management 
  •  Apartment rentals and tenant searches
  •  Tax credit housing projects
  •  Affordable housing
  •  Section 8 and voucher assistance

We specialize in the management of:

  •  Residential Apartment Rentals
  •  Senior (55+) Apartments
  •  Condominium Rentals
  •  House Rentals
  •  Commercial Buildings
  •  Small Condo Associations

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What can Coburn & Feeley do for you

It’s our job to help our clients manage their property, and by doing that well, we expect to protect the value of their investment. We'll help to maximize income and control expenses while at the same time make sure that the property is well maintained.
It is a job we feel we do well, and it is a job that we enjoy very much!
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